I wanted to be a cowboy! Palomino Horse Photoshoot

Alfie – Palomino Horse Fine art photoshoot in Jersey, Channel Islands

I have always adored horses. I remember when as a child I would hop around our garden or in the forest, pretending I’m riding a galloping horse. You know one arm in front of me holding the reins ( it’s not cool for cowboys to hold the reins with both hands 😉 ) kicking my knees in a rhythm (du-dum, du-dum) slightly higher because that’s how mustangs “gallop”. Me trying to pull the “cool face” (sometimes I would even have a straw in my mouth) because that’s how cowboys rule.

I don’t do it anymore, ( well that often 😉 ) but my love for horses stayed. Yes the reason I wanted to be a cowboy was so I could ride my deep dark brown mustang, a few dogs in a tow, roaming around freely through beautiful landscape and have a ranch… I might never be a real cowboy but a horse riding holiday in America is still very high on my list. So is to have a horse but I don’t like to remind Paul about it too often, since I am also trying to convince him that 5 dogs is the perfect number to have (coming soon ;).

And since I don’t have a horse of my own (yet 😉 – wherever we go and see any, I can’t resist the temptation of either trying to ride or at least spending some time with them. It’s just so therapeutic – even just feeding them or scratching them on their neck, smelling the sweet scent of hay on them. Paul is luckily very supportive and understands my obsession – and is usually up for any hacks that I manage to find on our holiday. So we did a horse ride to a waterfall in Costa Rica, half day hack through forests & meadows in Czech and even a “chateaux discovery trip” in Loire Valley. Everything is just more magical from horse back.

The funny thing (as if people unconsciously sensed my love for speed, freedom and adventure) I always end up with lovely horses named something along these lines – Furious, Rocket, L’Artist, …Needless to say, their name is never “random” and I have therefore some funny horse riding stories to tell over tapas and wine.

So when I found out, that one of my lovely ex-brides, Laura, has recently bought this gorgeous Palomino baby horse, I of course had to meet him. His names is Alfie and he is the cutest thing ever. I just went to say hi – to meet him and see if he would be up for a photo shoot in the future, but even then couldn’t resist and had to take a few photos of him there and then.

What do you think – film and horses, isn’t it just a beautiful combination?

p.s. if you would like to find out a little more about horse riding in Jersey, you can have a look here


  1. Charlotte

    Tereza these photographs are stunning! There is something so calming about photographs of horses! I can imagine you rocking the cowgirl look with boots and a hat ?

    • info@terezalee.co.uk

      Thank you Charlotte, Alfie is such a lovely subject to photograph :), and as you said in general, I find even horses very calming. As for the hat, yes I used to borrow my grandpas, which of course was huge 😀 xx


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