Part 2 – Great resources and tools for wedding planning that every (busy) bride should know about! 

Hey lovely bride, I hope your week is going well and you have started to make some amazing plans for this weekend. As the past few weeks have been very fast paced for Paul and I, and also… as it’s our wedding anniversary this weekend (11 years would you believe that :), I have decided to take the whole weekend off and to spend it relaxing with Paul doing whatever we fancy. This will probably include a few relaxing walks, a couple of nice dinners/lunches out, trip to the Zoo, chill out time on the sofa catching up on our favourite series, plenty of good food and wine, and a little trip to the beach ;).

If you are planning on spending a little bit of time on your wedding planning, here is part 2 of my series of great resources and tools for wedding planning that every busy bride should know about. The previous instalment can be viewed here. In the first part of this blog series we covered the  “must use” resources for planning your wedding, and here are my next few:

6, Wedding website


Centralise all the information that your guests need to know about on your personal and private “wedding website”. These can include things such as date and times, gift list, travel arrangements, local hotels to stay in, times and places of important events, itinerary, urgent updates)

There are great templates out there designed specifically for you to setup a basic website for your wedding, fast and very easily. It might be a little bit “fiddly and techy” so why don’t you give this to your fiancee to look into and look after (he will probably even enjoy it). This will save hours and hours of work as you will not have to be answering emails from friends and relatives asking the same questions again and again – save yourself a lot of time and keep all the relevant information there – then just send the link out and people can look for any info on the website and you can easily update it as you go along.

For more information and some unique uses for your wedding website you can read this post from Squarespace on OnceWed

And for some lovely designs and inspiration you can read this post from Minted.

7, Planners


If like me you have a mild obsession with stationery, notebooks and fountain pens, then this is for you. I totally get it, having something tangible, that you can pick up and take with you, especially if its wrapped in a nice moleskin or leather cover is so nice. And especially with the amazing selection available out there nowadays. You will probably know of quite a few to choose from, but I have included a little selection of little beauties to consider.

Passion Planner – my absolute favourite, that I actually use on a day to day basis. Beautiful, simple to use with plenty of space for everything – jotting, notes, big plan strategies, day to day schedule etc.

A few more that you might like to consider are The Flagship Collection; The Simplified Planner; Erin Condren

and a few other nice worth mentioning are here, here, here and here


8, Wedding book


As with the planner, if you prefer more tangible resources (you can’t really beat a lovely book in luxury cover can you 😉 ), there certainly are plenty of wedding planning books to choose from. The key here is to find a couple that you like and fit your style and aesthetic preference, both for you and your big day.

The best way is probably to head over to your local book store (isn’t the smell in any book store just lovely?) and browse through a few. Or if you prefer to stay in the comfort of your home, you can use the advantage of the “Look inside” feature on amazon, or alternatively look up a review of the book on website such as Good reads.

To name a few that are worth mentioning have a look at Style Me Pretty Wedding, Brides Instruction Manual How to Survive and Possibly Enjoy Your Wedding Day, The Wedding Bible,  The Wedding Manual and Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding


9, Lastly for the totally overwhelmed – Wedding stylists and planners


If you are pressed for time or really don’t know where to start or just don’t want to deal with all the hard work and hassle of organising a wedding; a wedding planner and stylist might be just what you need. Full of knowledge, ideas and experience, a great wedding planner can very quickly understand “exactly what you want for your day” (even if you are not sure that you know it yourself) and help you implement this in the most efficient way.

Even if you are not sure whether this is the right option for you, it might be a good idea to enquire about their services and prices and see what they can do for your. A quick chat never hurt anyone right?

I have a little blog post with a few handy tips coming up soon from one very talented Wedding Planner – so stay tuned.



In the meanwhile, have you come across any additional wedding planning resources or tools? Please share in comments below :).

Have fun and as always get in touch if you have discovered something perfect that made your life and wedding planning so much easier.

T xx


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