The best fine art wedding blogs for wedding inspiration

There are so many lovely wedding blogs out there but you might be looking for something a little different.

You are dreaming of an intimate, relaxed and romantic wedding day with a ‘fine art’ touch. You want it to be in a beautiful historic venue with gorgeous outdoor space, with styling that will be beautiful and simple but in and understated way. Simple, organic, nature inspired dreamy details and plenty of romantic moments. And of course you want to enjoy every second of it as you are marrying your best friend.

So if the above sounds perfect and you would love to be inspired to create a beautiful and romantic wedding day – here are my favourite wedding blogs for you :).


1, Once wed

This is my guilty pleasure. The one that I have to visit on a daily basis. Yes I can’t get enough of the posts here. Beautiful simple aesthetic, very much inspired by nature – original, stylish, authentic and dreamy with plenty of useful tips.


2, Wedding Sparrow

Very much in love with this one too. Dreamy, soft with plenty of inspiration.


3, Magnolia Rouge

Romance and style, with fresh content and an organic aesthetic


4, European Wedding Guide

Despite this one being a real baby in comparison to the other blogs (it was only launched recently) it is going to be very much love at first sight. The European Wedding Guide is simply exquisite with plenty of gorgeous photos already and shows great potential (full of advice and inspiration for the future). So, make sure to add it to your bookmarks or bloglovin list brides to be (or lovers of dreamy photographs & escapists like me 😉 ).


5, Style me pretty

Probably THE ultimate wedding blog on the scene – and as the name tells us, it’s all about pretty and pretty styling and covers almost everything— yes it’s all gorgeous, but pretty fast paced so one has to stay on top of it or just use it for specific search.


6, B.loved

This blog is truly amazing (and not only for wedding things ? ) very inspirational but also very informative


7, Hochzeitsguide and Those Lovely Days

I didn’t want to leave these two out simply because they are actually in a different language . They are both worth visiting 😉 xx



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