I know, I know you are all probably wondering what is happening right? It’s been a little quieter (read dead quiet) here recently … and whilst it might seem that not much is happing in the Tereza Lee headquarters, this couldn’t be further from the truth :). Because SO SO much is going on behind the scenes. Exciting crazy heart stuff that I have been quietly in the background working on for quite a while 🙂 (some of the things have been in planning for more than a year actually and yes, there might even be a brand new website, or two…. And of course… shooting some amazing weddings, engagement and portrait shoots, branding for small soul centred business and also a few exciting projects that you will find out about soon. A few sneaks peaks for you below ;). So there will be a few exciting announcements (and a COMPETITION or two) coming your way very soon… so stay tuned (you can subscribe to my newsletter here if you don’t want to miss a thing) and as always … don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the Indian Summer… yay. Loads of love T xox