Intimate Bohochic Wedding at the Jersey, CI Museum Victorian Merchant’s House – Kerry Nuno

If you’re planning an intimate wedding at the historical Jersey Museum in Jersey, Channel Islands, you’ll be inspired by this wedding!

Kerry and Nuno got married at the historical Jersey Museum, which is an old town house (in fact it’s a museum now) in Jersey, Channel Islands with an absolutely amazing historical vibe and atmoshpere – with so many lovely rooms and backdrops to choose from. It was one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot and even the rain didn’t dampen the day!

The ceremony

The ceremony was an intimate affair in one of the museums gorgeous quarters. During the ceremony they had several beautiful readings from friends and family. It was so meaningful and I got all teary :).

They decorated the area with flowers and candles, which I loved. The reception was in a beautiful room at the Jersey Museum – I love this venue because it has so many great opportunities for portraits. Weddings  at the Museum are amazing, because the surroundings are so pretty, unique and absolutely charming. 

Why Jersey Museum is a great place to get married

Wedding at the stunning Jersey Museum is perfect for intimate weddings, and is one of the nicest places to get married in Jersey, Channel Islands. The venue offers an amazing atmosphere for any kind of wedding – and there are so many beautiful spots that are perfect for photos.

After the ceremony

The couple had a homemade bar set up in the afternoon, and an intimate family dinner in the evening. After the reception and drinks, and a few photos at the museum, we headed to the beautiful St Aubin for a few portraits. We had a lot of fun during the shoots, with a couple of quiet moments for Kerry & Nuno, just so they could soak it all in and enjoy some private moments together. 

The couple

Kerry wore an absolutely stunning boho dress and Nuno wore very smart and special suit-  and they looked really incredible, don’t you think.

The couple got in touch with me years ago, and their enquiry was so fun. They said they wanted a photographer who would value their vision and is laid back…and I loved how unique their idea was and how much fun they were – we got on like a house one fire.

If you’re planning a wedding at the historical Jersey Museum, Channel Islands, get in touch!

Dream team

Jersey Museum Team


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