Birthday Weekend

Beyond amazing 🙂 that was my Birthday weekend. Although we didn’t quite have the winter wonderland like a few years ago in Prague (yes snow always gets me excited and very happy 🙂 , it was still a very exciting birthday weekend.

Paul as always spoilt me rotten… he even took Monday through Wednesday off so he could spend my actual birthday with ME, so just to trump him I made an exception and took Sunday through to Wednesday off 🙂 (I sure do know how to live dangerously right :).

We started the celebration in style with bubbles on Saturday evening (yes I was working very hard all Saturday 🙂 but for the rest of the 5 days I got to do all the things that I love. We enjoyed wonderful lazy mornings in bed with nice strong black coffee, my favourite books and blogs. We managed a few lovely walks, a few movies followed up with a gorgeous lunch out, bit of photography, and Skypeing with my family, we lost ourselves in the winter/Christmas department in St Peters Garden Centre … and there was of course plenty of my favourite wine, treats and food cooked by Paul. He truly is the “domestic goddess” in our relationship at the moment whilst I’m super busy with everything.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the presents, Paul always does an absolutely brilliant job with my presents. I don’t know how he does it but he always manages to get me totally awesome things that I really needed but didn’t even know myself that I needed them – if that makes sense.

So for now, have a fab week, loads of love and as always “follow your dream”

Tereza xxox



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