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Got engaged – where to start with Wedding planning

The engagements…. Secret message in a bottle washed up on a little beach; magical dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower, bubble bath jacuzzi and champagne in a private penthouse suite in a luxurious London hotel; the most carefully planned day of romantic activities including a spa on a holiday, or even your four legged furry friend sporting the ring on his collar whilst you are doing the dishes.

I will never get bored of hearing all the happy stories behind each and every engagement that my couples tell me. In all honesty most of them would leave you (like me) with goosebumps, misty eyed and a big and loud smile with “Aaawwwww”.

So if you are one of the lucky girls and decided to say “yes” to the man of your dreams this summer, here are the 5 most important things to do straight after your engagement.



1, Tell the most important people

Naturally the first thing that you will like to do after saying yes to the love of your life is to tell everyone.

Hold your horses for a while – with the speed of light that news spread these days on media you might want to wait before you hit the post button on Facebook.

Tell you parents and closest family first and properly – over the phone or in person. After all you wouldn’t want your dad to hear from the neighbour or his golf buddies that his little princess is getting married ;).



2, Get a manicure

Everyone will naturally want to see the ring and hear all about your engagement ? – and you know that it will look so much better on a clean tidy well manicured hand ?

(Tip from a diamond expert – if your engagement ring starts to look a little bit less sparkly after a few days/weeks of wearing it, which is completely normal due to washing hands, hand cream, general “use” of hands), give it a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush and fairy liquid – works wonders ?



3, Enjoy it and give yourself time

You may or may not know already what your wedding day should look like, but for now forget everything about the wedding and just enjoy being engaged. It is one of the nicest and most amazing times of your life so why not enjoy it for a while before the hard work begins (yes wedding planning is most definitely not for the faint hearted and most of the times includes a lot of time and hard work).

So totally utterly give yourself to the happiness and this amazing and exiting time of your life. Enjoy all the hugs, sweet kisses, meaningful squeezes and glances and excitement about you becoming Mr and Mrs… the feeling of overwhelming happiness and the butterflies in your tummy. (Goosebumps again ;).





4, Start daydreaming, dreaming and talk

There are two important people getting married – the bride and the groom. Start by sharing your dreams, expectations – these days the sky is the limit so imagine together what your wedding day should look like and what you want it to be.

What is the most important thing for both of you, what are you most looking forward to, imagine what the place should look like, who should be there, how should it all feel to you and your guests, what is the atmosphere there, is it wedding at home or exotic destination, is it a big or intimate wedding? Think about the style that you would like, whether it’s a beach bash, sit down dinner, ceremony in a meadow…



5, Get inspired

And yes, you can of course start to get some ideas and inspiration so go on grab yourself a few bridal magazines to lose yourself in ?

You can also start looking at some of the hundreds of fabulous blogs for brides out there. To save you time here are a few useful websites that are a good starting point and that I’m mildly addicted to.



6, Book a couple/engagement shoot

Show your loved ones how it all began :).

Nice time together and to remember and celebrate why you got engaged in the first place – that is what an engagement session is about.

This is a fun, exciting and amazing time of your life – and an engagement shoot is a way to celebrate that.

Think of the shoot as a date which is not about wedding planning, or anything else – it is just about the two of you and your love for each other. Do something that you enjoy doing together and have fun, cuddles and romantic moments.

To remember the WHY you got engaged – does this not deserve to be celebrated?



Did you get engaged recently? How did your ‘husband to be’ propose? Please tell me more about it in the comments below – I love hearing your stories :).


Tereza xoxo 


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