Great resources and tools for wedding planning that every (busy) bride should know about!

If you started planning your wedding, whether in Jersey or abroad, you probably know that there are many resources for all the brides to be. If you don’t have the time to do a lot of researching which ones are the most useful and worth your time …. let me help you.

So, in addition to the top 10 best great international blogs,  here are some other amazing resources and tools for your wedding:


1, Pinterest


This is a “very easy to use” never ending bank of ideas, photos, inspiration for absolutely “anything wedding” … and beyond. It is a total necessity for every bride! Imagine one place where you can sort, store and manage all your wedding inspiration images (these are known as pins). You can search for any ideas/questions/ themes/dresses/decorations/settings/ places……yes the list could go on for some time. You literally type in what you are looking for and tadah… it is there. 

As if the above isn’t enough, in addition, you can follow all your favourite shops, blogs, artist, celebrities, bloggers and other pinners and pinterest will also recommend other similar things that you might like based on your pins.

You can also share certain boards with certain people (your bridesmaids for example) and show all your vendors & suppliers exactly what you had in mind. Just to give you an idea this is a screen shot of part of my pinterest board (courtesy of Pinterest – thank you) and if you want to see all of my pins and pinterest boards you can have a look on my Pinterest boards here or even my intimate wedding inspiration pinterest board here.


2, Google

This one might surprise you; in fact be ready to be amazed. Yes it is an amazing tool for so many wedding things and you can literally plan your whole wedding with google – you can read just how much and in what ways this very well known “name” can help you out here

To name a few you can
– store and share your documents online on Google docs
– arrange meetings and hold meetings with people on-line on Google hang outs

Insiders tip: yes you can hang out for free with up to 10 people – you can say a good bye to lengthy traveling to various meet ups with your suppliers.; and especially useful if you are planning a wedding away from home :).



3, Zazzle

“ With Zazzle your imagination is at your fingertips” their mission is to give anyone, anywhere the power to make anything imaginable – this is their slogan and I don’t think I have to add anymore than that. I use them for virtually everything and the quality of their products is just outstanding. From wedding stationery, personalised napkins, posters, wedding favours, wedding gifts, ribbons, wedding details and crafts…this website has it all.




4, Wedding apps

Yes, the “app” storm has hit the world with a bang. There is an app out there for literally everything (hello “Startracker” ) and brides most certainly don’t have to feel left out. So here are a few to start you off.

For a fully customisable personal app – head to the weddingappcompany. Fully customisable? Sounds like a dream come true to me.

Another app, which is to an extent, more of an all in one planning solution is the Weddingpartyapp. This might have been more appropriate under my next two tool categories but as an app is part of it I thought I would mention it here.

As with any apps, some you will like more than others. So play around and see which ones work for you. If you would prefer a little bit more information and break down of the various app  solutions out there, here is a great summary on the ever so fab website.



5, Wedding Websites for Brides

As with so many great wedding blogs out there, there is also a plethora of great wedding websites. These usually seem to have a little bit more of information, planning and tips than just  purely inspiration for your big day. Most of them have many amazing planning tools that can help you save a lot of time with your planning – ranging from budget tools, seating plan tools, wedding checklists and trackers, vendor information etc.

The bad and good news is – there are so many out there. There are plenty of websites that promise you to help you plan your wedding effortlessly. In fact where does one start? As with the blogs and apps – the trick here is to shop around a little. Do a little bit of research initially, as some will be more “up your street than others” (so to speak) and will suit your requirements more. Or you just simply find them prettier or easier to use. So browse, subscribe and test a few and then settle on 1 or 2 and stick with them, so you can keep on top of things and keep everything centralised.

To start you off here are some of my favourites as well as the good old “usual suspects”.

The Knot;  Destination Wedding Magazine; BridesConfetti; Hitched; Destination Weddings; Weddingplanner; Wedding Wire; Lover,ly; You and Your Wedding; Rock My Wedding

Hope this was helpful, I will share more unmissable resources for the busy brides shortly. 

In the meantime, Happy wedding planning :).


T xx


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