How do you know if a wedding supplier is the right one for you



I hope you had a lovely weekend. We did a lot of work on my “exciting new project” which is all about inspiring and empowering as well as connecting women (stay tuned ladies ;);  but we managed to squeeze some relaxing time in too with a  lovely walk, chilling out with friends, catching up on our current fav box and plenty of tapas of course.

So for now, back to finding the best and perfect wedding suppliers for your wedding. If you have missed my first part and guide, you can find it here.

Now I promised you a little shortcut.

Really simple way to find out if a particular wedding supplier is the right one for you.


It works wonders, and EVERY SINGLE TIME.


So if you are still not sure or can’t decide after following the big 5 five steps, or you need to know really really fast if someone is the right person for you (like on the spot) – here are my secret and amazingly powerful questions, that you can ask yourself which will immediately tell you whether someone is right for you or not 🙂

How do you know if you have found the right one?


Simply ask yourself and answer these 4 questions:

1, Do you feel relaxed and happy, and most importantly that you can be yourself around them (you are paying for their service, they are there to serve you so no compromise on anything).

2, Do you feel like they are as excited about your wedding day as you are?


And now the two big ones…


3, Would you recommend them to your best friend or your sister/brother for their wedding day?

4, Are you actually looking forward to them being part of your day?


There, simple and effective. Now you should definitely know :).

Now I have something else and very exciting for you (especially if you are a busy bride or planning a wedding in Jersey from abroad). Well, actually it’s two things. Which I will announce next time.

Have a beautiful day

Tereza xx




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