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How to plan a destination wedding in Jersey, Channel Islands

Where to start and how to plan a destination wedding in Jersey, Channel Islands.

If you are super busy person (life gets crazy sometimes right) and just want the guide – scroll all the way down and click on the image. If you have a spare minute – read on :).

The lulling sound of the ocean in the background, your gorgeous airy and soft Jenny Packham dress blowing in the wind as you say “I do” under the warm Hawaiian sun. Then, dancing the night away with your family and closest friends under the palms, as you sip on your Pina Coladas. (I can’t ever say or write this word without the famous song popping into my head 🙂 ).

There probably aren’t that many brides that wouldn’t (at some stage) toy with the idea of a destination wedding. And who could blame them with so many beautiful destinations around the world.

Small intimate weddings and elopements are quite the rage right now.

It is the ultimate romance nowadays, isn’t it. Intimate Destination wedding somewhere beautiful and exotic. Surrounded by your closest family and friends… Whether you are dreaming about beautiful wedding portraits on a beach with stunning sea cliffs as a backdrop.  Or whether you want to say yes to the love of your life in an enchanting castle – with a destination wedding the world is your oyster.

I almost did not have my dream destination wedding. There were times when I really wanted to cancel it all. Yes – just call it all off – our amazing destination wedding in the most romantic chateau in the Czech Republic (Hruba Skala – isn’t it just beautiful).

Not because I was having doubts about my amazing fiancé or the important commitment. But because at times, everything was just too much… so many decisions, so much planning, so much organising.

Gosh, I’m not going to lie to you. To begin with I didn’t even know where one starts when you are planning a wedding, never mind a destination one. I wasn’t one of those girls who was dreaming about it since her childhood.

So, although having and planning a destination wedding can sound utterly amazing and romantic (and it can be), the truth is – putting it together is HARD work.

It is totally doable (hey even I pulled it off ;), but it does require a little extra planning and consideration.

Let me help you and make this so much easier for you.


Having planned a destination wedding myself (a few years ago ;), and also after many years working as a professional photographer with many destination brides, I want to share my knowledge and expertise with you.

So here it is, where to start and how to plan your destination wedding.


Just download this ultimate destination wedding planning guide, and you will be saying yes to the man of your dreams somewhere utterly romantic in no time.

Ready? Let’s do it. Just click the guide below.

Good luck. Tereza xx


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