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Two important things for stress free destination wedding planning

Let’s be honest. Planning any event in a different country to where you live is relatively tricky and can be rather stressful. I am a firm believer that “being engaged” should be one of the nicest times of everyone’s life, and therefore pretty much stress free and a thorough bliss. One might argue that these two (blissful happiness and wedding planning) are mutually impossible to achieve, especially when it comes to destination wedding planning. But I believe that if one creates a plan and sticks to a few rules, any headaches or stress can be pretty much avoided.

The most important thing is to actually remember, what the most important thing is – i.e. you marrying the love of your life, so as long as you are both there, surrounded with your closest family and friends – you have pretty much won ;).

But I understand that you would still like it to be a unique and memorable day with a few beautiful things to remember the day by and these of course need to be planned in advance. So let’s get straight down to business, here are the two most important things when planning a destination wedding.

1. Start early

This is my no.1 tip, because with a destination wedding this is a must if you want to have a beautiful wedding day and a stress free planning process !

With destination weddings there is a little extra to do on the planning front, plus some of the bits might take a little longer due to the distance, so starting early is a must. I would recommend at least 18 – 24 months prior to your big day.


2. Research, do your homework & site visit

Today, the sky is the limit when it comes to weddings. Not just with the destination, but also when it comes to venue, styling and personalising your day. Therefore do some serious research on-line and get clear on what you want – a light and sunny beach wedding, moody forest adventure or a romantic chateau back drop. Decide on what style you want and then find a suitable venue.

Other important things to consider are the transportation (is there an airport nearby your venue), weather, the venue and the area, legalities both home and abroad, currency, time difference and travel times and of course language and travel guidelines for the particular country.

Do your homework, find out all the information needed including all the little technicalities to consider as this can save a lot of headache a few months down the line.

If at all possible, a site visit is always advisable 🙂 so why not schedule a little mini break ;).

One last matter not to be overlooked, is to check the local calendar for any big events taking place around your desired date (such as a carnival, school holidays, strikes) which might contribute to more expensive and difficult traveling.

Good luck with the wedding planning and I hope you have a magical day.

And if you would you like a little more useful advice and tips for destination wedding planning, you can get the complete guide here.


Tereza xxox


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