Life lately & Monday amusings

The whole field was bathed in the soft warm dreamy-like evening sunshine. Leaves shimmering whilst gently ruffled by a light breeze, birds gliding effortlessly. Everything was peaceful, airy and beautiful.

It was the sort of evening perfect for a romantic hand in hand walk. A perfect moment to stop and soak up the luminous beauty.  The perfect evening which you want to imprint in your memory forever,  as it is a beauty like this that reminds us that life is great and worth living…. It’s like a big hug for our soul.


Gentle, peaceful and a little crazy – that was my weekend :).

Managed to catch up on some work on Saturday 😉 . And as the saying goes, work hard play hard, Saturday afternoon and evening was spent with our lovely friend sharing stories over beautiful dinner, games, movie and a lot of gorgeous Pouilly Fuisse. Then a relaxing Sunday with my man, walk, brunch and sofa in the evening with our fav box set :). That’s what I call a life balance ;).


Here are a few lovely links for you this Monday:


:: Some inspirational boost if you need a bit of love and encouragement whilst chasing your dreams
:: A few not to miss TV shows for autumn

:: In view of my last weeks ‘downtime’ I was researching how to boost immunity and these two articles were really good – here & here
:: In my pursuit of minimalism and decluttering – I found this handy autumn declutter checklist

:: As we are big fans for garlic and flat breads, I will definitely be attempting this recipe

:: Best Bra brands that every woman needs to know about (I would personally add Chantelle )


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