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Monday (a)musings – no.2

 I don’t know about you, but this weekend (albeit fabulous) just flew by… most probably because it was only 2 days. I was loving and got used to all these bank holiday weekends and the extra day off, so this weekend was kind of ‘disappointingly short’. Who said or decided that weekends should be two days only?! In fact, I think every weekend should automatically be 3 days. That way you have one day for fun with friends etc; one day catching up on things like house work tidying etc, and then one full day for ‘me time’, walks and quality time with your family etc… Anyone with me on this?

With that said… we still managed a lovely tapas dinner at our best friends, a few walks, seafood dinner with Jersey Royals of course :), some work on our new flat and of course, plenty of work on my two new websites – launching at the beginning of May… so stay tuned ;).

Anyway… I’m ready to crush it this week, a few exciting projects waiting. And if you are not quite ready to kick off the week, or fancy a well deserved Monday evening chill out, here are some nice links for you.


:: Country hotels wanderlust

:: I”m all for natural, so a big fan of the ‘No make-up’ make up look. Here is how to achieve it

:: Who wouldn’t want to get smarter about money right 😉 – this fab and to the point article will help

:: Sicily is on my ‘places to visit’ – here is why

:: Our Sunday brunch favourite

:: Tried rhubarb gin on Friday… I just can’t tell you how amazing it was. Here is how to make your own.


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