Summer is here… Let’s go on an adventure together…. Let’s live & be

Summer is here… Let’s go on an adventure together….


…to discover all the beauty in this world, in the simplest of moments or details

Let’s surround ourselves with beauty, simplicity and inspiration, all the stories told and untold…

Let’s explore together the forgotten garden or the cobbled streets of an ancient town

Let’s get lost together….in a daydream or a beautiful wilderness

Let’s feel together…the wind in our hair, romance in our hearts, water running through our fingers and fresh air in our lungs

Let’s gather and spend time…. with our family, friends and loved ones

Let’s enjoy together… everything that life has to offer….live in the moment, right now.

Let’s make new friends together…laugh and spread our joy and happiness.

Let’s learn together…the things that matter and are worth living for.

Let’s find inspiration together… and find a way to inspire others…

Let’s dream together… and make the world a better place

Let’s not rush it!

Let’s enjoy the moment…

Let’s live and be! Right now – in this moment!

Let’s love, live and be

Tereza xox

Whilst I know many of us will not be travelling and going away on holiday; we can still explore, have adventures and take some time to do the things we enjoy. Spending time with family, barbeques, swims and adventures…

No matter what you do…. have a wonderful summer. 

And you if wish to add some holiday vibes to your life… you can always have a look at my Print shop… maybe one of the travel photos will brighten up your day, summer and life. 

Much love 

Tereza xox




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