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6 ideas on things to do with your wedding guests in Jersey

You could see the excitement sparkling in their eyes as their minds were whizzing through all the memories from the trip. What was the best part of the week? Was it the medieval feast complete with serving wenches and hay on the floor; Strictly Come Dancing “special castle edition”, or an exciting walk through the sand stone “town” and forest, zip lining; the gorgeous castle itself, or discovering Prague…the food…?

It was very heartwarming and sweet watching our best friends trying to pinpoint the highlight of Paul’s and mine destination wedding in the Czech Republic.

To be honest to this day I can’t decide myself what was the best part aside from the actual amazing “saying yes” bit :). There are so many incredible memories that we created during that week …here is a little sneak of a few photos – us at the castle (and this is the castle).

So where am I going with this. These days weddings are much more than just one day events. Especially if you (like me and Paul) are planning a destination wedding. Wherever this may be I’m sure you will have a great time and get to do a lot of fun and incredible things whilst you are away celebrating. Not just the two of you, but with all of your guests as well.

And this is where I come in today. If you are planning your wedding in Jersey here are 6 ideas of “must dos” with your wedding guests whilst visiting the Channel Islands.

1, A little bit of sightseeing and history

There are so many gorgeous places, historical locations and amazing things to see and do  in Jersey but exploring some of the Jersey Heritage sites should not be missing from your agenda ;).

Gorey’s Mont Orgueil Castle and Elizabeth castle are the obvious choices. For a more medieval feel head to Grosnez Castle which is here (this is also great for sun set watching :).  And of course La Houge Bie, The War Tunnels…. You can see what you like and pick the most interesting place for you right here.

ps did you know that you can also get married in most of these amazing places 😉

2, Ice cream at Corbier

One of our recent and absolutely fabulous wedding couples whisked their guests off to this fabulous place just after the actual ceremony – on the way to the reception. As if the views weren’t amazing enough, they wanted to treat their wedding guests to local Jersey ice cream (from the always present ice cream truck). Well i don’t have to tell you what a hit this was with all the guests.

3, St Brelades Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Jersey with so many options on things to do there…
From all kinds of water sports, to fine dining, spa days and breaks, romantic walks, fun beach days out or just a hot chocolate with a cake enjoying the view…This bay has it all and it shouldn’t be missing on your to do list.

4, Sunset dinner at El Tico – St Ouen’s Bay

This is one of our favorite restaurants – very trendy beachy chic look with the quality of food of a very classy restaurant. The atmosphere is always great and it is so popular that you might just have to wait a little while to get a table. That’s how good this place is. It never disappoints and this is where we end up most of the time (we might as well have a table reserved for us permanently there ;). The place is amazing with views to die for over the biggest Jersey beach, where you can sip on your glass of wine whilst watching the sun disappear into the sea. And what a view this can be – I will let you judge for yourself. The food is outstanding no matter what you choose it will be fabulous (and let me assure you the choice will be very difficult as their selection is quite large from great local fish and shellfish to amazing salads and tapas to a variety of slightly more exotic dishes and curries from Thailand and Africa).

5, Visit Durrell Zoo

Yes, it is indeed the one and only ZOO created by the famous author and explorer Gerald Durrell. It’s all about saving species that are on the verge of extinction.  No words can do this cause and the zoo enough justice – it is an unmissable experience and simply a MUST do thing in Jersey. You can find out more here 

6, A day trip to St Malo

As you will be actually closer to France than UK, it only make sense that you catch the 1.5 hour boat to St Malo and spend a lovely day soaking up the proper Oh la la French atmosphere. It is so worth it. You can view a full detailed post on this amazing town soon here.

As always any questions or suggestions for must do things, please get in touch.

Love T xx


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